Historical claims to the international: the case of the Suez canal experts. International Studies Quarterly (accepted, forthcoming 2023)

A “priesthood of knowledge”: the international thought of Henri de Saint-SimonInternational Studies Quarterly 66(1) (2022)

Book chapter

Why does Colombia export security expertise? Security cooperation between status and bureaucracy. In: Carlos Solar and Carlos Perez Ricart (eds.). Crime, Violence, and Justice in Latin America: Themes and Trends. London: Routledge (2022)

Work in progress

The international telegraph conference and the mid-nineteenth century international. Winner, ISA Barbara W. Tuchman Prize 2023.

Technocratic internationalism and the Suez canal. Draft paper. Winner, EISA Best Graduate Paper 2021.

Expert enterprises: Michel Chevalier between impartiality and reform. Draft paper. Winner, Fred Hartmann Award for Best Graduate Student Paper at ISA Northeast 2020.

Book reviews

Looking for Utopia: Experts and Global Governance. Review of Jens Steffek, International Organization as Technocratic Utopia, and Marieke Louis/Lucile Maertens, Why International Organizations Hate Politics. Journal of International Political Theory. (2022)

Corporate Sovereignty and Modern International Order. Review of Phillips Andrew and C. Sharman Jason, Outsourcing Empire: How Company-States Made the Modern World. International Studies Review23(3): 1004-1005. (2021)

Review of Priya Satia, Time’s Monster: History, Conscience and Britain’s EmpireGlobal Intellectual History6(2): 259-261. (2021)

Review of Ty Solomon, The Politics of Subjectivity in American Foreign PolicySt Antony’s International Review 14(1): 133-136. (2018)

Other writing

Josep Borrell’s ‘jungle’ trope was no slip of the tongueResponsible Statecraft (2022)

Experts in de internationale politiek: tussen hoop en afleiding.Over de Muur [in Dutch] (2022)

Saint-Simon’s Technocratic InternationalismCentre for Intellectual History (2021)

How the technical expert emerged in 19th century politics – and what empire had to do with itThe Conversation (2020)

Expert politics and the COVID-19 pandemicOxford Political Review (2020)

Wie Großkonzerne die Klimaskepsis sponsertentaz [in German] (2020)

Colombia’s export of security expertiseOxford Politics Blog (2019)